I think of combustion When our bodies collide. My ashes cling to your embers Till they fall. A way to die. You burn into me slowly, Breathe in oxygen and ignite. A smoke of passion Fills the room. We burn into the night.

Current State

Eyes open But the room is dark. A place from which I Dare not part. A safe distance from chaos Swaying on the edge Of Sanity’s cliff From which we watch This apocalyptic sunset. Holding hands, Noses pressed against glass. The past will never visit again. When I’ve lasted this long, How long left? The…


A poem on the importance of channelling negative feelings in order not to be consumed by them.

Shower 2.0

A poem about shower thoughts, feelings and fears.

The Reveal

Textbook irony: Such intelligent beings, Yet plagued with an ignorance so real. We look, not see, Hear, not listen, And touch, rather than feel!


For anyone Who ever wondered The sad truth of our kind The ones who feel things Ten times over. Constantly trying to understand The whys and ways of the world. The ripple effect of understanding Not everyone can know. Nor when one thing ceases to make sense And all else seems meaningless . And like…


Healing and acquiring emotional strength is a process…