No, not literal death. A metaphor as in being broken beyond repair.

Sometimes events in life seem to take too much out of us. So much that we begin to question everything; Why(is this happening)? What(did I do to deserve this)? How(am i going to survive/get through this)? When(will this stop)?

It is these processes that build Character. But first, they will demolish what was former. The old has to die for the new to grow! Oftentimes this ‘death’ is painful, but it’s this process that allows you to rise greater!

Sometimes, we need to be broken beyond repair to allow RENOVATION! I’m sure some of you have been through things that you thought you’d never get through and before that, there was something else you thought you’d also never get through and before that,- You get the point.

It is really ironic that the WORST- and I mean “What the fuck is life/fight-or-flight situation”- time in my life was the biggest and best period of growth, learning and wisdom acquisition. I am still in that situation right now, but I’ve gained so much insight from this death (and resurrection) that I’ve never been happier.

It’s these processes that we learn from. Understanding is useless when handed to us on a platter. The VALUE is in the PROCESS.

Do not dwell in negativity during times where you feel life hasn’t exactly been fair, extract the lessons from every situation and use them to elevate and RISE.

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