Inexistent Past

Most people never heal, because they stay in their heads, replaying corrupted scenarios. Let it go. – S. Menutt

You should really only connect the present to the future because that’s the only thing you can progress into, not the past.

We experience life as it is due to our inability to record events in a backwards sequence. That alone should teach us how irrelevant the past is to our present existence.

The past doesn’t exist in the light of reality, so we should let go of the traumas of it- the things that will never allow you to progress in your fullest potential. The present (now) is the only thing that exists. And the future is the only thing that could potentially exist as of now, therefore it’s the only thing next to ‘Now’ that we should ever be concerned about making as worth our time as possible.

When we are tied to our past traumas we provide ourselves with excuses to be/act a certain way which is mostly negative. “I’m a bitch because I never had a loving family”, “I’m justifying my anxiety because even though everybody is beautiful, I was picked on in school”, “I’m allowed to be depressed because I have been through so much”.

Providing ourselves with excuses only makes us wallow in the darkness of the past, refusing ourselves progress in the abundant light that is the present in which we can make ourselves whoever we want.

There are so many ways of letting go. Therapy, exploring different communities and support groups, exploring our identity and learning to become who you were never allowed to be. (Medication helps too as long as you realise that’s not where happiness comes from!)

Just let go. Because just as my good friend Costa told me: As long as it’s not happening NOW, then you have no excuse!

See you soon!


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